Tameer eyes partnership with Kelantan


Oct 3: Representatives from the renowned international organisation Tameer Foundation visited Kelantan last month and met with officials from the state government to discuss establishing cooperation on a number of projects.
Tameer CEO Saeed Zuberi (ext left) and Nik Aziz together with members of the delegation and state officials can be seen in the photo.
The delegation led by the foundation’s CEO Saeed Zuberi, also held meetings to explore the possibilities of establishing partnerships on humanitarian projects as well as business activities with the Foundation’s commercial arm, Tameer International.

Tameer Foundation has agreed to work in partnership with the state in several aid projects such as to support networks, establishing trainings for youths, assisting orphans and widows, addressing the problem of baby dumping and the difficulties faced by unwed mothers, as well as education and rehabilitation programs.

The Foundation also accepted an offer to rebuild the school under Nik Aziz, and pledged to promote Kelantanese products on a more global level.

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