Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct was created to insure our foundation meets the
principles that shape our organisation’s core values and ethical conduct
throughout all our activities.
Integrity, excellence and transparency underly all of the Foundation’s
This code of conduct is a way to lay the best common grounds for all
members, employees and volunteers. The Code is meant to inspire, cultivate
and enable all actors to constantly improve on decisions and actions taken on
behalf of the organisation.


  • Tameer Foundation is a Non governmental organisation with a strict
    humanitarian mission. Its activities are destined to assist and protect
    populations in need in the following fields: medical, welfare, education,
    childcare, housing, disaster management…
  • The Tameer Code of Conduct is meant to apply to all volunteers and
    employees working for Tameer Foundation.
  • The Tameer Code of Conduct sets the required standards in order to
    assist the supported populations in the best possible way and lays the
    foundations of ethics, protection and representation of the organisation at all
  • Additional specific rules can apply according to the conditions and
    contexts in which the employees operate. Any conflict that may occur
    between the Tameer Code of Conduct and any specific rule(s) would be
    governed by the specific rules.

2-General Rules of Conduct

  • All members, employees or volunteers (regular or not) should at all times
    remain consistent with the Tameer Code of Conduct.
  • When operating on field, members, volunteers or employees should
    respect the people they are supporting.
  • Members, volunteers or employees should abide to national laws when
    operating on foreign grounds.
  • Members, volunteers or employees should do their best to preserve the
    dignity of those being helped.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take advantage of a position or function in the
    organisation for self advantages or favours.
  • No judgements or forms of disrespect shall be tolerated regarding
    religious, social, political, economic backgrounds.
  • Any footage (videos, photos etc…) must require the prior approval of the
  • Information Technology should only be used in a professional context and
    not for personal usage.
  • Fraud is strictly forbidden. Any kind of given product or advantage whilst
    on ground is forbidden.
  • Members, volunteers or employees should at all times represent the true
    image of the organisation and be familiar with its core values in order to
    promote the vision of it.


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